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Sometimes courage means facing your demons

...and learning to trust.

A dying logistics magnate has thrown his vast fortune into a global quest to find evidence of Christ’s return to earth. His plan hinges on convincing David, a lost and drifting war veteran, to join the crew of the airship St. Paul. But David has a terrible secret… he believes the hallucinations he is experiencing are symptoms of PTSD.  He is slow to realize that the being that torments him is actually an ancient creature, the unholy union between angels and humans – a remnant spirit of the Nephilim.


The St. Paul transports David on a humanitarian relief mission that will sweep him from the high deserts of Greater Idaho halfway around the world to the distant plains of Tanzania. With every tick of the clock, the ravages of the disaster’s aftermath compound and intensify. Can David overcome his personal demons and summon the courage he needs to stand up to his Captain and crew before catastrophe overtakes them all?




Drawing from extensive trends-based research, deep spiritual integrations, and insightful applications of strategic foresight principles, the novel reveals a turbulent post-2020’s world filled with mounting uncertainties encapsulated in the search for evidence of the return of Christ

Dr. Virginia Richardson, BCC

Dr. Merritt offers a biblically sound plausible future for the globe while presenting a depth of organizational and leadership theories in a way I’ve not experienced before.

Diane M. Wiater, PhD



I've organized the research that went into this book into theme-specific Curated Libraries. Click any link below to learn more. 

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