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Helicopters & Hybrid Airships - Part 4

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The Hybrid Airship St. Paul Navigating a Mountain Pass in Asia

Air Trucking the Silk Road

In China, the third largest country in the world, most of the population lives on just 30% of its territory. Western China is predominantly disconnected from the explosion of innovation and development of industry to the east.

HAF hybrid airships could develop lucrative markets delivering food, medicine and technology to remote regions of the country.

Confucian Asian cultures are characterized by an emphasis on networks and trust. Note further that the Confucian Asia cultures differ from other cultures in their ‘malleability’. Thus, these cultures have shown a remarkable ability to adapt to a changing world.

As a consequence, this cluster accounts for 25 percent of world population and 26 percent of world GNP. With the high rate of growth currently in progress, especially in Mainland China.

For China, the societal emphasis on collectivism is categorized as high and is characterized by networks based on trust; while the US culture is individualistic. Confucian Asia is also characterized by a very long-term orientation while Americans expect quick results. Taken together, these differences reflect a core differentiation in terms of cultural practices.

Examination of leadership effectiveness perceptions between the two cultures showed that Charisma is positively endorsed, and Self-Protective is negatively endorsed. Another leadership dimensions was found to be substantially different across the clusters. This was Participative leadership, which is highly valued in the United States.


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