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The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas S. Kuhn:

First published in 1962, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn has had a transformative impact upon the scientific community. This 50th Anniversary Edition begins with an essay by Ian Hacking explaining the impact this work has had in our understanding of how scientific breakthroughs occur and how unanticipated ideas often emerge from somewhere outside “normal science.”

Kuhn is most frequently associated with popularizing the word “paradigm.” And paradigms are often considered synonymously as worldviews, especially in the social sciences. Therefore the processes of paradigm-shifting are vital when considering social change theory and the various approaches to worldview shifting.

Evangelical Christian leaders and Missionaries will gain a deeper understanding of the worldview transformation process by studying Kuhn’s work on scientific revolutions. I draw a direct comparison to paradigm and worldview transformation in my Leadership for the Days of the Lord series. Specifically, the notion that when a person faces a crisis of faith, there must be a representative of the new worldview readily available. Standing resolutely in the Armor of God in the midst of catastrophe is the essence of the leadership approach described in my novels.

Book Review: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
Book Cover: The Structure of Scientific Revolutions


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