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In Discipling Nations, author Darrow L. Miller makes the bold claim that God’s truth can free whole societies from deception and poverty. His ideas have become essential components of my Days of the Lord leadership strategy and are key to three specific Foresight tools that I use in my novel.

  1. Miller’s concept of Development and Envelopment provides me with the vertical axis of my "Axis of Uncertainty" foresight model. When combined with Christian eschatology, the result is four plausible future states for the return of Christ.

  2. Miller’s Kingship Triangle, combined with Kuhn’s paradigm shift process, describes the morally appropriate role of the Christian worker in diverse, multicultural situations.

  3. Finally, Miller’s ideas inform the Leadership Development approach that sits at the critical point of leverage in my Causal Loop Diagram in Leadership for the Days of the Lord.

Christian laborers are called to go out and interact with all humanity at the global level. If you have ever wondered what an individual can do to make a positive difference and to influence others (without coercion) to consider the Christian worldview, then Discipling Nations is the next book you need to read. It lays the groundwork for the morally appropriate Christian response to a fallen world.

Book Review: Discipling Nations
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