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Missional Movement - Hell

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23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese

Bill Weise has a remarkable story to tell. He’ll tell you that it doesn’t really matter if you believe him or not; he points to what Scripture says about hell and asks you to believe that. He’s a man on a mission. He says that God sent him to spend 23 Minutes in Hell and that Jesus pulled him out of there so that he could tell you about it. He wants you to know that hell is a real place and that we are all heading there unless we ask for salvation now.

This book is an emotionally powerful read. It scared me. You can take all the modern politics, social upheaval, or anything else you might care about and place it next to the idea that hell is a real place, and that changes your entire focus about what is important and what we really should be doing with our lives.

I considered featuring this book in my Spiritual Warfare Curated Library because it so clearly examines the nature of evil. However, if you believe what Bill Wiese has to say (like I do), it leads to one single and inescapable conclusion; we must do everything in our power now to save as many people from this eternal torment as possible. That speaks to me more of an evangelical or missional effort, so I am cataloguing it in the Missionary Training Center Curated Library instead.

Weise explains it this way: Imagine you are standing next to a pool filled with acid. Little children are coming to play in the pool, but only you understand the danger. Wouldn’t you do anything, ANYTHING, to stop the children from jumping in? If you read this book, it will change you.

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