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Social Change - Culture Theory

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The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini:

Patterns of Culture Theory are illustrated in The Kite Runner. In the novel, Hosseini’s aim is not to bring about dramatic change to the war-torn country of Afghanistan. Rather it seeks to explore the enduring themes such as the deep relationships between fathers and sons, the power or reading, and the price of redemption. In this case, the imagined future is a world where important life lessons are preserved and transmitted from generation to generation.

Key Theorists / Tenants

  • Fred Polak’s (1973) Image of the Future studied the dynamics of ideas on the influenced future society. He describes how the influence of ideas, framed in the form of images of the future, shape the development of cultures in general.

  • For a specific example, John Fairbanks’ History of China illustrates the influence of culture on a society in a manner similar to Ron Inglehart’s description of the roles and values of culture in moving society from “a traditional to modern and postmodern orientation” (Bishop, 2012, p. 154)

  • Ronald Inglehart’s (1997) Modernization and Postmodernization describe the role of values and cultural change.


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