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Christian Theism

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The greatness of God is the central tenant of Christian Theism.  Nothing is prior to God or equal to him. He created the universe, and is the original source for metaphysics. His character is love and goodness, so he is the source of ethics. God is both transcendent (existing outside the universe) and immanent (existing everywhere within the universe), and omniscient (knows everything), so he is the source of epistemology. It is a complete worldview.


When a person recognizes the greatness of God, and consciously accepts and acts on it, God becomes the rock. God is the transcendent reference point that gives life meaning and makes the joys and sorrows of daily existence significant an unfolding drama of God’s plan for the universe. The Christian Theist expects to participate forever in this plan; with both joys and sorrows while on earth, but after death the participation continues with eternal life.


The first act of the Christian Theist is towards God – a response of love, obedience, and praise to the Lord of the Universe, their maker, sustainer, and through Jesus Christ, their redeemer and friend.


Paraphrase: Sire, J. (2009) The Universe Next Door. 5th ed. (p. 46) IVP Academic


Survey Questions:


- What is Prime Reality? What is really real? – Christian Theists believe Prime Reality is the infinite, personal God revealed in the Holy Bible.


- What is the Nature of the World? - External reality is the cosmos God created “ex nihilo” (created from nothing) with a uniform cause and effect in an “open” system (meaning God actively operates in the world and miracles are possible).


- What is a Human Being? - Human beings are created in the image of God and thus possess personality, self-transcendence, intelligence, morality, gregariousness, and creativity.


- What Happens at Death? - For each person death is either the gate to eternal life with God and his people, or the gate to eternal separation from the only thing that will ultimately fulfill human aspirations.


- Why is it possible to know anything? - Human beings can know both the world around them and God himself because God has built into them the capacity to do so and because He takes an active role in communicating with them.


- How do Christian Theists know Right from Wrong? - Ethics is transcendent and is based on the character of God as good (holy and loving).


- What is the Meaning of Human History? - History is linear, a meaningful sequence of events leading to the fulfillment of God's purpose for humanity.


- What personal, core commitments are consistent with your worldview? – Christian Theists live to seek first the kingdom of God, that is, to glorify God and enjoy him forever.

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