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Islamic Theism

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The basic responses to the eight worldview questions from Islamic Theism are quite similar to the responses generated by Christian Theism. Both worldviews hold the central concept of a transcendent and personal God who is omniscient and whose character is sovereign and good. Because the worldviews are close together in many ways, this description of Islamic Theism will highlight important differences that contrast it from other worldviews.


To approach the study of Allah and Islam on a comparative basis is not to do it an injustice. A great amount of the Qur’an is devoted to demonstrating Islam’s superiority to other religions. The very foundation of Islam is the conviction that Allah’s greatness is understood by way of contrast to all other inferior beings. Anything that could be construed as detracting from His unequaled greatness must be considered false, or offensive.


Islam arose in the context of rivalry. Muhammad proclaimed Islam against the polytheism of Mecca in his day, against the monotheism of Judaism which he considered to be hypocritical, and against the Trinitarian monotheism of Christianity, which he considered both idolatrous and absurd. 


It is the Qur’an which not only contains Allah’s thoughts, but also mediates Allah’s thoughts to humanity. Consequently, one has to think of the Qur’an on two levels, distinguishing between it as the content of the mind of Allah (which is never accessible to us) and as divine revelation (which is the only way to have accurate knowledge about Allah). 


Paraphrase: Sire, J. (2009) The Universe Next Door. 5th ed. (pp. 247-254) IVP Academic


Survey Questions:


- What is Prime Reality? What is really real? – Islamic Theists believe the fundamental reality is Allah, described as monotheistic, infinite, personal, transcendent, immanent, omniscient, sovereign, and good.


- What is the Nature of the World? - Allah created the universe "ex nihilo" (created from nothing), the world is a closed system insofar as nothing happens in the world outside of His divine decree.


- What is a Human Being? - Human beings are the pinnacle of Allah's creation. They have been given abilities of which other creatures, such as angels and jinn, are not capable. However, their high standing also brings with it the responsibility to live up to Allah's standards. 


- What Happens at Death? - Death is a time of transition between this life and our eternal state, which will consist of either a sensual paradise, or hell. 


- Why is it possible to know anything? -Allah has endowed human beings with the capability of knowledge by means of reason and the senses. Thereby, they can also know His revelation. 


- How do Islamic Theists know Right from Wrong? - Right and wrong are based on the teachings of the Qur'an, as amplified by the Hadith and interpreted by the schools of law, the shari'a.


- What is the Meaning of Human History? - Human history has significance in demonstrating the absolute sovereignty of Allah but, even more so, as the opportunity for people to demonstrate their submission to Him.


- What personal, core commitments are consistent with your worldview? – Islamic Theists are grateful to Allah for providing the opportunity to serve Him and will strive to follow the divine instructions in even the smallest part of their lives.

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