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Can You Survive
the Greater Depression?

The world is in the midst of an economic depression larger than the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Your global logistic company is facing what looks like an inevitable bankruptcy that will cast thousands of your employees out into the financial maelstrom. Is there anything you can do to protect them? Might there even be a way to save the company without losing your soul?


Can you survive the Greater Depression?


This eBook is a brand-new form of writing called Directed Fiction. It is a multi-path adventure novel written in the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) format in a novel manner to plunge the reader into developing real-world situations. 


What makes it unique is that each chapter is tied to a specific prediction about a future event whose probability is calculated and updated in real-time on the Metaculus crowd forecasting platform.


It’s not just a novel. Dr. Merritt organizes the fifteen separate predictions featured in this eBook using the principles of Strategic Foresight. The result is a ‘prediction net’ cast into the stormy financial seas of the near future. With each hyperlink, you're surfing the tides of time, catching glimpses of the future as it materializes. There’s nothing else like this out there. Think of it as a time-traveling journey within the pages of a book.


You may not make it out alive. Discover how you would react to eight different scenarios with five different outcomes. When you’ve reached the end, you’ll be invited to join us on the Solution Pages. Here, you can see all the predictions and the odds they will occur. Bridge the gap between narrative fiction and your upcoming reality; subscribe to the newsletter for Dr. Merritt's real-time insights.

Can You Survive the Ukraine War?

Your task is to lead a Disaster Relief Team to assist the refugees streaming across the Ukrainian border into Moldova. Make life and death decisions as you guide your team into ever more perilous situations.


Explore the future! Directed Fiction is the only writing technique that uses the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) format to immerse the reader in a developing real-world situation. 


This proof-of-concept eBook offers a powerful new foresight tool to explore the future. When you complete the task, you will be given a detailed explanation of the process of the technique that you can use for yourself to apply to any situation.

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