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Helicopters & Hybrid Airships - Part 1

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Helicopter Pilots to fly Hybrid Airships


On June 20, 2017 Hybrid Air Freighters (HAF) signed a Letter of Intent to purchase up to 12 Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airships, at a total value of approximately $500 million.

Hybrid Air Freighters (HAF) and Columbia Helicopters, Inc. (Columbia) have established a teaming partnership to offer high performance and innovative logistical services to the Oil and Gas, Mining and large-scale construction sectors. The partnership will facilitate and manage access of LMH-1 airships to remote areas (In News, 2018).

About HAF

Established Europe and based in Paris, Hybrid Air Freighters is managed by a highly experienced team of professionals specialized in the fields of logistics and aviation. Together with its partner, the aircraft maker and services provider Daher, HAF is dedicated to the inception, design and exploitation of logistical solutions for transport into isolated areas in continental, arctic and equatorial regions

About Columbia Helicopters

Columbia Helicopters is the global leader in heavy-lift helicopter operations and a trusted expert in maintenance, repair, and overhaul services. Backed by over 60 years of experience, Columbia operates internationally, often conducting operations in remote, austere conditions. The company has a rich history of providing safe and reliable aircraft and qualified personnel that meet demanding global transport requirements. Columbia’s capabilities in internal and external cargo, passenger transportation, construction, infrastructure, logistics support, and maintenance are trusted worldwide for supporting a diverse customer base.

Global Leadership

Global leaders use a variety of techniques to address common issues. The six leadership styles described by the Global Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness (GLOBE) study are:

  1. Charismatic/value-based leadership reflects ability to inspire, to motivate, and to expect high performance outcomes from others based on firmly held core values.

  2. Team-oriented leadership emphasizes effective team building and implementation of a common purpose or goal among team members.

  3. Participative leadership reflects the degree to which managers involve others in making and implementing decisions.

  4. Humane-oriented leadership reflects supportive and considerate leadership but also includes compassion and generosity.

  5. Autonomous leadership is a newly defined global leadership dimension that refers to independent and individualistic leadership attributes.

  6. Self-protective leadership focuses on ensuring the safety and security of the individual and group through status enhancement and face-saving.

Research has shown that executives tend to tackle problems using leadership styles that are generally consistent with the leadership expectations of their society. So the next step is to examine specific countries and their cultural contexts to give Columbia Helicopter personnel insights into potential leadership challenges that may emerge. Let’s take a look at some specific countries now…


Dorfman, P., Javidan, M., Hanges, P., Dastmalchian, A., & House, R. (2012). GLOBE: A twenty year journey into the intriguing world of culture and leadership. Journal of World Business, 47(4). doi:10.1016/j.jwb.2012.01.004



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