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Spiritual Warfare - Angels

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Angels by Dr. Michael S. Heiser:

Angels don’t have wings.

In Angels, Hebrew Biblical scholar Dr. Michael Heisler explains that mal’ākîm (angel), keruḇîm (cherubim), and śerāpîm (seraphim) are not interchangeable. They represent different functions performed by different spiritual beings described in the Bible.

Whenever angels (mal’ākîm) are encountered in the Bible; they appear in human form, they are always male, and they are indistinguishable from human males. Angels are never described with wings and multiple faces the way cherubim and seraphim are. They do, however, frequently appear dressed in white or with luminous qualities.

With this and many other insights, Angels has allowed me to write about the culturally popular topic of angels from a more authoritative perspective. Rather than being guided by Christian traditions, or popular depictions of “sexy” angels found so commonly in modern literature, I turned to Heiser’s work to gain a better understanding of the actual (but invisible) Spiritual Warfare going on all around us.

Angles doesn’t disappoint. It is full of insight and commentary that many Christians are likely unaware of. Our modern culture is obsessed with superheroes and preternatural “powers” gained through various forms of mutation. If you want to gain a sense of what is really going on pick up Angels and you just may find that truth is stranger than fiction.

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