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Book Review: Responsible Foresight

In his thought-provoking book, "Responsible Foresight," Alireza Hejazi, Ph.D., delves deep into the realm of futures studies, presenting a comprehensive exploration of responsible foresight (RF) and its pivotal role in addressing complex issues facing our societies and organizations today. Hejazi’s book is a compelling journey through the ethical and conceptual foundations of foresight, offering readers a rich tapestry of knowledge gleaned from extensive research and empirical studies.

The book’s core objective is to shed light on the essence of RF, emphasizing the responsible development of foresight technology and future images. Hejazi advocates for a shared responsibility among practitioners, policymakers, and society at large to actively engage in shaping responsible futures. The book comprises eight meticulously crafted chapters, each illuminating a specific aspect of RF.

Hejazi meticulously dissects the intricacies of foresight, blending historical context with contemporary perspectives. He delves into the ethical underpinnings of RF, exploring the intersection of ethics and foresight, and questioning the possibility of establishing ethical guidelines for futures researchers. The book emphasizes the inclusive and participatory nature of RF, advocating for a collective consciousness about the future, where diverse voices and viewpoints converge to create responsible pathways.

One of the book’s notable strengths lies in its rich empirical foundation. Hejazi supplements his arguments with real-world case studies, enhancing the practical relevance of RF. The incorporation of eco-friendly business founders’ perspectives, aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, provides valuable insights into the moral commitment, multidisciplinary collaboration, and action-oriented focus essential for RF.

The book explores responsible innovation and foresight, showcasing how uncertain futures can be navigated through RF. It emphasizes the power of cooperative conjecture and creativity in designing responsible futures, making a compelling case for a proactive approach to addressing emerging challenges.

Hejazi shares his personal journey into the foresight profession in the final chapter, adding a human touch to the scholarly discourse. His passion for the future and dedication to RF shine through, inspiring readers to engage with the subject on a personal level.

"Responsible Foresight" by Alireza Hejazi, Ph.D., stands as a significant contribution to the field of futures studies. By advocating for responsible, inclusive, and participatory foresight, Hejazi invites readers to contemplate the future not as an abstract concept but as a collective responsibility. This book is a must-read for policymakers, foresight experts, and anyone interested in actively shaping a responsible and sustainable future for humanity.


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