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Social Change - Technology Theory

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I Robot by Isaac by Isaac Asimov:

Patterns of Technology Theory are evident in the classic novel I Robot, and Asimov’s ideas influenced generations of thinkers.

Key Theorists / Tenants

  • Alvin Toffler offered a controversial view of a future in which change was proceeding so rapidly that it was creating a condition known as future shock, in which people would be incapable of keeping up with change.

  • Jared Diamond observed the same trends gave credit to technology (and geography) to enable white Eurasians to prevail over other cultures through superior guns, population-destroying germs, and steel.

  • Ray Kurzweil expanded this notion to its logical conclusion, forecasting how exponential growth in information technology leads toward machine intelligence surpassing human intelligence, called the “singularity,” in which life is known is unrecognizable on the other side. (Bishop, 2012 pp. 152 -153)

All of these philosophers were beaten to the punch by the master of Technology Theory fiction, Isaac Asimov. He brought us I Robot (as well as many other great works), a collection of nine short stories that consider the psychological ramifications of the development of a positronic (human-like) brain.


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