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Spiritual Warfare - Christian Ethics

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Exploring Christian Ethics by Kyle D. Fedler:

At the heart of my thesis regarding the conduct of Spiritual Warfare is the notion that human beings must behave ethically and morally. However, it seems that in this age, most of humanity has lost its moral compass. So the first step must be to learn and reflect on what ethics and morality are so that people are more able to conduct themselves in a manner that is pleasing to God. Kyle Fedler is a Professor of Religion at Florida Southern College and his book, Exploring Christian Ethics serves as an excellent introduction to the complex subject of Christian ethics.

As I prepared to write this review, I noticed that nearly every page of my copy of Exploring Christian Ethics is either dog-eared, or marked with highlighters, or underlined somewhere. This is one of the books I really love.

Fedler first provides an introduction to Christian ethics by addressing the questions; What should we do? How should we be?

Then he explores the way Scripture can be used to make ethical decisions. He explains that the Bible is the first and primary source for Christian ethics and add these guidelines:

  • No one method for the use of Scripture is adequate.

  • Whenever possible, Scripture should be read in its historical and cultural context.

  • Not all Scripture carries the same normative weight.

  • Scripture is normative and primary, but it is not our only source of guidance and wisdom. Other sources include tradition, experience, and reason.

Finally, Exploring Christian Ethics examines the sections of Scripture that have been the most influential in the development of Christian morality and ethics and presents us with four time-tested ways to become better disciples of Christ: Scripture, church participation, service, and prayer.

Book Review: Exploring Christian Ethics
Book cover: Exploring Christian Ethics


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