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Strategic Foresight - Axes of Uncertainty

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End Times Bible Prophecy by Brian Godawa:

As a Christian Futurist writing about a global search for evidence of Christ’s return, I was forced to jump into the deep waters of Christian eschatology with both feet. One of the most intriguing (and likely controversial) elements of this quest can be found in Brian Godawa’s End Times Bible Prophecy.

Godawa offers a well-researched explanation of the Preterist position about the End of the Age. Using Jesus’ own words (focusing heavily on Matthew 24), Godawa seeks to rescue the ancient Jewish context of the prophecies surrounding the Rapture, the Tribulation, the Antichrist, and the Beast. And how all those prophecies were fulfilled at the sack of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70.

The perspective of the Preterist position is essential for my strategic foresight work. It will be used in conjunction with Brock Hollett's book Debunking Preterism in my second novel to construct a foresight tool known and an “Axes of Uncertainty.” When we think about the Body of Christ as the entirety of the Christians living throughout the world, it is critical to understand the dimensions of this wildly diverse population of over 2.5 billion souls. Godawa’s treatise serves as a superb anchor point for eschatology in the horizontal Axis of Uncertainty. Indeed, “It’s not what they told you.”

Book Review: End Times Bible Prophecy by Brian Godawa
Book Cover: End Times Bible Prophecy by Brian Godawa



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